DuraTech jambs
  • DURABLE: Thick, rigid, impact-resistant PVC finish, permanent waterproof adhesive.
  • STABLE: DURA-FRAMETM Lifetime Warranty wood substrate with Alaskan Yellow Cypress bottom.
  • PROFILES: Available in all standard profiles and custom profiles are available upon request.
  • TWO FINISHES: Available in UV resistant white and embossed tan, both are paintable and stainable.

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DuraTechFX jamb

  • A durable, UV-resistant film bonded to a Dura-Tech jamb
  • Beautiful finish available in four colors
  • Heat resistant and solar reflective
  • Renolit Exofol FX film is a multi-layered, acrylic based film system in which the top two layers protect against the elements while the bottom layer is enhanced with Solar Shield Technology (SST).
  • The infrared reflective SST base layer offers unparalleled protection to the film, adhesive, and substrate by
    dramatically reducing heat buildup.
    DuraTechFX color swatches
  • The low surface tension of the film allows for easy cleaning.
  • Kits offered in: 4-9/16", 6-9/16", and 8-5/8" jamb depths
  • Available sizes include: 2/8 or 3/0 width; and 6/8, 7/0, or 8/0 height
  • Choose from four species: Cherry (A), Mahogany (B), Oak(C), Walnut(D).
 DuraLock logo
DuraLock image
  • Dura-Lock is an innovative invisible moulding attachment system that allows brick moulding to be secure to the frame without nails, eliminating the need for patchwork and repair while maintaining superior holding strength. 
  • Dura-Lock is ideal for use with composite as well as finger-joint and solid stain-grade wood frames.
  • Fast, Clean Assembly
  • No Nail Holes 
  • Ultra Strong Grip

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