Adjustable Hinge Plate System

Offering built-in advantages unmatched in the industry, the adjustable hinge plate system allows the door to be easily adjusted up or down, and in or out for a tight weather-seal. 
  • The adjustable plate is located inside the door at each hinge
  • It’s important to adjust your door because improper alignment could cause the weatherstrip seal to break, allowing outside air to enter or heat to escape
  • Forms a tight fit from top-to-bottom and side-to-side without removing the door from its hinges
  • Adjustments with a screwdriver can be made at any time, at installation or in the future should the climate or normal settling affect the door opening
  • When focusing on the finishing touches for your home, it’s all in the details. Our entrance system options offer superior performance and provide aesthetic harmony. Designed to work with our steel and fiberglass door panels, these components improve functionality, installation, and long-term performance.

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